At RiverTree Fairless, Villages are a group of people who practice the way of Jesus together for the good of a particular neighborhood or network of people. We would love to help you find a Village to join or help talk through what it would take to launch a new Village in your world. 


Men's Village
Thursdays | 6-8PM
7041 KALP AVE SW Navarre OH
G.R.I.T. men’s Bible study is a study to Gather, Restore, Ignite, and Transform individuals into the men God calls us to be. Each week we will be reading through a book of the Bible, praying for one another, and building accountability. Led by Brian Ziegler.


Women's Village
Time + Location Varies
This Seeker women's Bible study will help you grow deeper in faith, God's Word and community. Led by Diana Colucci and Denaye Hagi.

RiverTree Students

Middle + High School Villages
Our Middle School and High School Villages meet several times a month. Here they'll build relationships, get to know their fellow students and their leaders, and grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus. Follow our Student social media pages for updates and events!